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Posted in Fitness on April 21, 2010 by Jay

I haven’t blogged about this in a while, but figured it’s worth an update.

The day before I started my first day at Walmart (February 15th), I weighed 223.6 lbs and had a 37.2″ waistline.

This morning (April 20th), I weighed 212.0 lbs and have a 35.8″ waistline.

So, in a nutshell, I’ve lost 11.6 lbs and lost 1.4″ on my waistline.

Not only that, comparing with my measurements from before I was original going to start my 60 day routine, I’ve gained half an inch of muscle on each bicep, gained an inch of muscle on my chest size, and lost an inch of fat on each of my thighs.

With nothing more than just having a physical job, eating right, and cutting down sodas to once a week, I’ve lost quite a bit of weight. And even better, I’m still losing weight. I mean sure, I’ve probably lost a lot more than 11 lbs in fat (remember, muscle weighs more than fat), but just the fact that I’m still losing weight is even better.

What I can’t wait to see is the before and after from the academy. We’ll do a lot of running and a lot of lifting weights, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens there.

I’m hoping to get down to what I weighed during marching band in college, when I was at my peak physical health, 175 and a 34″ waist. I know that’ll probably never happen with the lifting of weights and those effects (toning and building muscle, again, muscle weighs more than fat), but hopefully I can get back to feeling as good as I did physically.



Posted in Fitness on January 8, 2010 by Jay

Forgot to update….

I weighed myself before my initial test yesterday, and forgot to include it in my post.

Every Thursday, I’ll weigh myself and post what my current weight is as part of my exercise posts.

My weight yesterday was 221.4 lbs. What will it be in a week? We shall see…

Initial Test – PushUps

Posted in Fitness, Sit Ups on January 7, 2010 by Jay

Just did the initial test.

I did 16 push ups.

So, my level is 3.


Posted in Fitness, Push Ups on January 7, 2010 by Jay

In an effort to help prepare myself for the upcoming police academy, I’m starting something of a training program to help me. It’s nothing official, but several different, easy to do, small programs that I’m making into a larger program. More importantly, it’s all free. I’m not spending money on a gym membership, etc.

This is one of the programs I’ll be using. It’s called Hundred PushUps. It’s interval training using push ups. At the end of it, your should be able to do 100 push ups. It’s 6 weeks long, 3 times a week. All you need is you, and a place to do push ups.

Why blog about it? Well, as I said in an earlier blog, being in shape (trust me, round isn’t a shape) is something everyone needs to strive for. And with blogging about it, I will push myself to actually do it (i.e. won’t be lazy) because I have to face everyone who reads this when I say I didn’t do it. And maybe, just maybe, I might get one or two of you out there to do it as well.

I will do the initial test tonight, and post my results.