O/D Concealed Carry Thoughts

I read an excellent article by Massad Ayoob on concealed carry for off duty officers, and it was fitting enough to share.

In a nutshell, the argument is this:

When your on duty, you wear a uniform, wear a kevlar vest, carry at least 2 reloads (if not more in your patrol vehicle), have a multitude of radios for direct access to dispatch and back up/EMS, may (or may not) have access to some kind of long arm like a shotgun or rifle, and have your gun in a semi-ready state via open carry.

Off duty, you may have to worry about getting wife unit/kids to safety, your not wearing a kevlar vest, your only communication is a cell phone to 911 (which might not even be your jurisdiction’s 911), back up is on-duty officers who don’t know your a cop at first glance, you have to go through concealment garments to get access to your weapon (a pistol), and you may only have a single reload and no spare ammo/magazines near by.

If you know your going to be in a shooting, which situation would you rather be in, top or bottom? I know I would want to be on duty. However, one can’t be on duty 24/7/365.

So then, why limit yourself when your off duty with something that is smaller and shoots a caliber smaller and/or much smaller than your duty pistol, when your even more vunerable?

Post your thoughts!


4 Responses to “O/D Concealed Carry Thoughts”

  1. As a non-LEO I say why limit yourself (arbitrarily) to something that’s small?

    One should carry the biggest gun you can shoot well (to over simplify). But circumstances always dictate. You may not have the body size that can fully conceal a big gun, but most adults can with a little experimentation and gear selection. Your travels and situation may dictate deeper concealment and then a smaller gun.

    Nothing is cut and dry, but in general anyone should carry as big as you can. Why arbitrarily limit yourself?

  2. Greetings from Falls County,
    Like Hosi, I’m not a leo. I do carry a firearm when I’m at HomePlace (our ranch where we live). Usually it’s a 1911 in an army shoulder holster worn in the open. Two extra clips.

    As I am a “full sized American” I can also stash the 1911 about my person. Usually I have an old Haversack with me that can hold two (or more) extra clips.

    It just feels right.

  3. Vernon Bryan Says:

    It all boils down to concealability.

  4. Sorry guys, but size is not the ultimate criteria. As long as my gun does the job then I’m good. I have a concealed weapons permit for personal safety–but being able to wear good looking clothes that don’t tell is important for me as a woman.

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