.40 cal performance

I had to put down a bull that had been hit by a car.

180 grn Gold Dot hollowpoint in .40 cal just bounced off his skull.

180 grn Winchester White Box FMJ in .40 cal x2 finally did the job.

Maybe the people who argue in favor of penetration are on to something…


4 Responses to “.40 cal performance”

  1. Poor bull. :-(

    But it shows that all handguns, even the vaunted “fo-tay”, ain’t all that. Granted, pistol calibers like that tend to be for 2-legged critters….

  2. Is it a testimonial to the weakness of the spread of a .40s&w jhp or to the strength of a bulls skull?

    • Considering the round failed to penetrate, I can’t argue for or against the spread of a .40 S&W JHP.

      How thick is a bull’s skull? I’d say pretty dang hard. But is the failure to penetrate a weakness of .40 S&W or just the fact that a bull’s skull is hard? I don’t know. I can’t say either way. I do know the .40 FMJ round did penetrate though.

      • I would think it’s a little of both… that the HP’s weren’t really designed for expansion on something as hard/thick as bull’s skull.

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