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Multiple sources, including sources from ATF, DOJ and Congressional offices have said there is a white paper circulating within the Department of Justice, outlining the essential elimination of ATF. According to sources, the paper outlines the firing of at least 450 ATF agents in an effort to conduct damage control as Operation Fast and Furious gets uglier and as election day 2012 gets closer.

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.40 cal performance

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I had to put down a bull that had been hit by a car.

180 grn Gold Dot hollowpoint in .40 cal just bounced off his skull.

180 grn Winchester White Box FMJ in .40 calĀ x2 finally did the job.

Maybe the people who argue in favor of penetration are on to something…


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All the articles I’ve typed over the last couple of weeks or so haven’t been posted. I tried, unsuccessfully, apparently, to set it up so all my posts would appear at a set date and time. Problem is, don’t ask me how, all the dates were being set for their proper date and time…in 2012.

Which means, expect a slew of posts over the next week. I’ve got 8 blags to be posted, which I’ll be doing manually from now on to avoid this problem again.

In the mean time, I leave you with a very simple question:

If all handgun rounds suck, does that mean semi-automatic SMGs suck as well? Or does the added length of the barrel add enough velocity to make them viable as a primary self defense weapon?