Cruise Control

PSA from your favorite Deputy, to help you avoid a speeding ticket:

Cruise control sets the speed at which you drive when on a flat surface. However, engaging the cruise control doesn’t turn off all the laws of physics when it comes to hills, especially going down them. You may have set it at “72”, but when you go down a hill, the cruise control doesn’t slow your vehicle down to compensate for gravity pulling your vehicle down the hill. It may compensate going up by changing gears and increasing power, but not going down.

Either way, you are still liable for your speed whether the cruise control is set or not.

Thank you.

(I got a 90 in a 65 last night that way. It’ll be a $350 ticket if they pay it.)

One Response to “Cruise Control”

  1. Greetings from Falls County,
    I always set mine for 65, but your right about hills. I usually go back to mannual in those cases.

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