Has anyone ever done an IPSC/USPSA/IDPA stage where the entire stage is nothing but don’t shoots?

Think about it.

Release the stage notes as usual, but instead of there being actual targets to shoot, it’s nothing but hostage/don’t shoots. Or, swap everything around, so don’t shoots become shoots and shoots become don’t shoots.

Why? Well, number one is because I’m twisted that way, and number two it would at least bear a striking similarity to reality. You don’t know when or where something is going to happen. If you have multiple attackers, you don’t that T2 is 15 feet behind and 3 feet to the right of T1.

Of course, I will freely admit that I’m on the outside looking in because I haven’t done any kind of shooting sports matches.


3 Responses to “Thought”

  1. Not all no shoots but have shot a stage that was 18 no shoots and 4 shoot targets. With a bunch of barricades so you still had to run through a bunch of obstacles to get to the last shoot target.
    Also shot a blind stage. Entire stage was behind a black plastic curtain. You started by rolling a 6 sided die that had 3 side one color and 3 sides another color. You enter the stage and only shoot the targets that had that color and the other color were noshoots. That took concentration.

  2. You are thinking that the reason people shoot matches is to practice ‘tactics’. That’s not the case, even in IDPA. Someone that gets up at crack-o-dawn thirty on a weekend, drives to the range and helps set up a bunch of targets and props, is there to put some rounds downrange.

    We have no-shots-fired scenarios in our tactics classes, but even at the Polite Society events, the stages always include a shoot target, because it’s gunfight practice.

  3. We did have a stage last weekend with a number of no shoots (more than normal). I tend to like these since it makes us slow down a bit to make sure we’re not hitting them.

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