AAR: Beretta .25

I met with KR last night of KR Training fame to do some shooting. I shot my Colt Commander (more on that later), and the Beretta .25.

Recoil is nil, especially in my big hands, which leads to my first issue: hammer bite. It seemed like no matter what hand I held the pistol in or how I held it, I got bit by the hammer more than once. The next issue I have is the manual of arms. Even though it only has a barrel release, hammer, and mag release, it’s still a quirky beast to figure out. Thankfully this was simplified later down the product line with the addition of a thumb safety, since you don’t have to mess with unloading the barrel, loading the barrel, etc.

As I said in the previous post, there is no extractor. While this simplification might add to the reliability (less to go wrong), it also means ejected shell casing have a tendency to go wherever they want. Most seemed to eject high and to the right, but some came back at me, either bouncing off my head or arms. 

Trigger pull, since this is a single action only gun, is very crisp, probably breaking at around 5.5 pounds. Without a doubt, it is very well made. The fit and finish of the overall pistol is suprisingly good for such a little pistol. There is no sloppiness in the slide, trigger, barrel, or the hammer. It feels good in my hand, and points very naturally. Sights are virtually non-existent (as to be expected), but since the effective range is measured in feet rather than yards, they really aren’t necessary.

One thing that suprised me, is how loud this little .25 is. At one point, KR asked how things were going and was suprised to see that I was shooting the little .25.

For $70, I think I could’ve done a lot worse for a little .25. Will I carry it as a CCW? Only when I carry something bigger, like my J-frame, 1911, or M&P. Sure it does pack 9 rounds (8 plus 1), but it still doesn’t make up for the lack of power that .25 auto has.

Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase. I could easily get my money back out of it (and then some), and it’s a pretty cool little funky pistol with the tip-up barrel and all. For CCW, there are better options out there caliber wise, and I could only recommend carrying this for back up gun purposes only. Even then, there are a lot better choices out there for back up guns, like Kel-tecs or the big brother to the Model 950b, the Tomcat (chambered in .32 acp).

One Response to “AAR: Beretta .25”

  1. Sounds like a fun little gun!

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