I’ve been buying a gun a month (G-a-M) ever since I started my new job.

My first month, Feburary, I didn’t buy anything.

My second month, March, I made up for it by buying a Smith and Wesson M&P in .40 with a Streamlight TLR-2 weaponlight and a Smith and Wesson 642 Centenial. The M&P with TLR-2 is my duty weapon and the 642 is my off duty carry and will eventually be my back up gun.

My third month, April, I bought a Nazi issue Walther P.38, just to add to my collection.

My fourth month, May, I bought a  Colt Commander XSE. The Colt will be my occasional duty weapon, primarily carried for special functions, like grand jury, working district court or county court, if I have to testify, etc. and I’ll carry it off duty as well.

As you can tell, money isn’t an issue for me. I make around $2083 a month, but only have $950 or so in all my bills (that includes food). I have no debit, no credit cards, etc. Plus, I worked 3 off duty gigs so far this month. The first paid $300, the second paid $320, and the last one will pay $400. So, after all is said and done, I’ll have around $2000 in money that I can just spend on…whatever.

I would like to point out I do have a pretty sizable rainy day fund to help me get through any emergencies. I could be out of work for several months and still be able to pay my bills with no worries.

So, what does June hold for me for gun purchases? Probably nothing. I really don’t want or desire anything right now, but I am pretty low on ammo across all calibers (except for 7.62*39), so I’ll probably start stockpiling ammo. It’s been a good streak of gun purchases, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t want to buy a gun just to keep my streak going.

Purchasing a patrol rifle is an excellent suggestion, however, I happen to know that the sheriff is fixing to order a bunch of rifles. So, I can use some of that money to set it up the way I like it.

One Response to “G-a-M”

  1. Ammo is a good choice.

    Or you know… you never responded to my birthday wish list. ;-)

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