The last time I shot my duty weapon was the middle of March. The last time I did any meaningful dry fire practice with my duty weapon was the end of April. I won’t even touch the subject of last training class I took.

Yea, I need to practice and train more. I think I’ll hit the dry fire really hard, do some drill work at the range, then take KR Training’s AT-6 class.

If I have off of course. :P

4 Responses to “Training”

  1. Tom Givens, in one of his classes, cites a study that says frequency of training, more than quantity, matters. He says everyone should dry fire or shoot 2x a week, preferably one weekend and once mid-week, so that should you need to use your gun, you are never more than 3 days from the last time you trained. Dry fire is free, and even 5 minutes of dry firing can make a difference.

  2. So, remind me what your duty gun is? I may have an AirSoft version you can borrow and put up a target in the apartment and shoot it for practice.

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