CHL holder shoots cop

Original comment (since edited:)

No where in any of my training did we go over a case where a CHL’r shot a peace officer.

That’s not saying it has or hasn’t happened, we just have never covered it.

The second comment was wrong; we never covered a CHL holder shooting a police officer, however, it has happen.

Details here.

The incident happened in Alabama.

The officer pulled the suspect over on traffic, the suspect shot and killed the officer. The suspect was sentenced to death.

You can also read more at ARFCOM.


2 Responses to “CHL holder shoots cop”

  1. I figured it had happen at some point. I was pulled over by a Wilco Sheriffs officer (no front plate warning) and no issue again with the CHL.

    • Yep. 99.9% of the time there isn’t going to be a big deal/issue.

      Heck, I’ve pulled people over that never said they had a CHL. It came back on their DL return, but I didn’t chew them or even mention it.

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