More traffic stuff

I did a stop on a CHL holder yesterday.

The driver was doing 76 in a 65.

Everything went smoothly, but I had some serious issues with how the driver was carrying and the condition of the gun itself.

The gun was a Ruger LCP, zipped up in it’s zipper case, underneath a 6″ stack of CDs, in the center console. So, if the driver had to grab it, they would’ve had to of opened the center console, gone through all their CDs, grabbed the case, unzipped the case, grab the pistol, then hopefully start firing.

If your head hasn’t exploded yet consider this, the gun was loaded, out of battery, and the magazine wasn’t seated all the way. So even if the driver would’ve gotten to it, it would’ve exploded in their hands since it was out of battery.

Also, I damn near had a head on collision with a drunk. It would’ve been a 127 mph crash (I was doing 60, drunk was doing 67), but thankfully I saw it coming and was able to swerve to miss the drunk. If not, it would have been a perfect head-on collision.

If you have questions about traffic stops, feel free to ask either in the comments or via email.

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