You know you have friends when they pick on you…

That said, a certain macintosh owner will get this:

 In other news, I’m looking at buying a patrol rifle for me. I can’t decide if I want to go the AR route, or get an M1A or M-14.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas? I’d love to hear them.


4 Responses to “Heh”

  1. AR. There’s 80 bazillion options available including calibers other than .223.
    I don’t think they make Deer Hunter 2 for the Mac. They do make “White Wine Sipper 2” though.

  2. They’ve giving us Mac users too much credit.

    And now you’re thinking about an M1A/M14. Geez man… how indecisive can you get? :-)

    I love my M1A, but for a patrol rifle? Get an AR.

  3. Second the AR. Care & feeding are much cheaper. Also, way more Barbie accessories for ARs.

  4. Jay,

    Lots of good advice for the AR but an important question is commonality with other officers.

    What do the vast majority of your co-workers own/carry?
    It would really be a bummer (putting it mildly) to need a spare mag and no one else uses a Blastomatic X2050 5 Gigawatt Vaporizer.

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