Pocket Carry Woes

About a month ago, I picked up a S&W 642 in .38 special for off duty use. I wanted something I could easily poke in my pocket and not have to worry about printing, especially if I’m going on a quick run to pick up groceries or meeting friends somewhere.

The problem is, the more I pocket carry, the more I dislike pocket carrying. It’s not my 642, I absolutely love it. It’s got a great stock trigger, it’s accurate enough for my likes, and it doesn’t weigh very much (for me). The only thing I figure is I have a lot of crap to carry. I carry:

  • S&W 642 revolver
  • Speed strip of 6 rounds
  • Badge on badge holder
  • personal cell phone
  • work cell phone
  • wallet
  • pocket knife
  • and other various loose items as needed (i.e. pen, loose change, etc)

So, I tried other alternatives to help lighten the load in my pockets, like I carried my badge around my neck, I bought cell phone holders to wear on my belt, and I bought a pouch to carry my pocket knife in. None of those worked, because I felt like I was on duty all the time with all the crap clipped on my belt.

What do I do now? I just stick all in my pockets and make it work. Since summer spring is here, I wear cargo shorts and it helps even the load a little bit, but it’s still pretty bad. Eventually, I’d like to get a belt holster for it and carry it that way. I think that might be ideal for me.

For those that pocket carry, how do you manage?

7 Responses to “Pocket Carry Woes”

  1. What I see missing from that list is a pocket holster – as we discussed, carrying a pocket gun without a pocket holster is BAD idea for a couple of reasons: 1) a pocket holster keeps the gun at a specific position and angle and prevents it from just flopping around in your pocket 2) a pocket holster breaks up the outline of the gun in your pocket – some people that carry in a pocket w/o a holster “print” pretty obviously in tighter pants and 3) it covers the trigger guard, preventing something from snagging on the trigger.

    Any reason why you can’t open carry and wear your snub in a belt holster w/ your badge on your belt also?

    • I’ve got a pocket holster I carry it in, I neglected to list it.

      I could do that, but then I’d have to dress semi-formally everywhere, unless I did a half-ass job of hiding it by just pulling a simple shirt over it.


  2. I’m unclear on just what you are finding difficult. Is it because it’s a lot of stuff? The weight? the bulk? dealing with all the crap? Because there’s nothing you’ll be able to do to alleviate carrying all that stuff. If it’s a matter of “all that stuff in your pockets”, switch to cargo shorts with more pockets.

    Or try a holster for the snub too.. like IWB, appendix carry, or something.

    • It’s a lot of stuff and the bulk is what sucks.

      Cargo shorts has helped, but it doesn’t completely eliminate the problem.

      I think a belt holster is going to be in order.

  3. I would agree with that… the M&P would overall be a better choice. I mean, if you can choose you know you’d prefer to have that should the fur fly anyways.

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