I tried Dave’s Chicken Confit recipe last night, and wow, it was delicious. I started marinating it Friday morning, loaded it in the pan (finding a ceramic pan in this dinky town as a pain but oh so worth it), and poked it in the oven. Couple hours later, I was piggin’ out. As a bonus, I’ve still got 3 other leg quarters left, so I’ll be eating good the next couple of days.

I caught the edited version of N.W.A.’s Express Yourself on the radio yesterday, and it turns out Smith and Wesson is apparently a cuss word (or was at the time the song came out). Instead of saying “I got a Smith and Wesson for you”, I heard “I got a [silence] and [silence] for you.”

The main reason for this post is this: if you want/need ammo, get it now. I’ve had 5 separate stores tell me ammo prices are going up starting May 1st. It’ll hit the major retailers first, then trickle down to the smaller stores. The reasoning now for the increased cost for the base materials, specifically lead and brass.


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  1. Awesome glad you liked it :)

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