SIDG – Drills and Instructor Edition

(SIDG – Stuff I don’t Get)

I’ve been dedicating around 45 minutes to an hour each day for some kind of dry fire with my duty pistol. One thing I’ve started doing is working on ‘air’ drills. I’ll tape up targets on the living room walls (gotta love being a bachelor) and run a drill, like the El Presidente, Bill Drill, stuff like that.

Well, I’ve also been watching videos of well known pistol instructors running said drills. The problem is, in every one I’ve seen they hit the slide stop instead of racking the slide on reloads. Yet on their blogs/websites/forums, they advocate racking the slide, because that is not what the slide stop is designed for. So, then why is it okay to use the slide stop just-that-once when your shooting a drill?

The only thing I could rationalize as to why, is they ‘cheat’ the reload by using the slide stop to help lower their times. That, and it may be acceptable in the acronym shooting sports, so they do it during the drills.

Anyone else have any ideas?


2 Responses to “SIDG – Drills and Instructor Edition”

  1. Hypocrites? DAISNAID?

  2. Hitting the slide lock to “release” the slide is faster, and those wanting to do well in IDPA or make the “expert” time on the FAST drill have to hit the slide lock to shave that extra time. It’s a lot slower (in a relative scale of “competition time” to rack the slide). The reason to rack the slide is that it’s a technique that’s “robust” against a wide variety of problems that might come up, like not having a right thumb that works properly or having the gun in your left hand.

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