Dont get, Sights

Stuff I don’t get, handgun sights edition.

Been reading a lot of reviews on handguns lately. One thing I see frequently reading reviews, are shots group well, but not in the center. Sometimes it is low and left, other times it may be center and to the right.

Shockingly, one thing I also see a lot of, is rather than learn their new handgun, most of the reviewers just adjust their sights until they are hitting close enough to the center for their liking.

What I don’t get, is why mess with the sights? Do they just assume the factory didn’t zero it properly? Or are they too lazy to learn to shoot their new gun properly?

I don’t know about you, but I feel a little uncomfortable taking a whack on my sights without being able to properly shoot it from a bench and sigjt it in.


One Response to “Dont get, Sights”

  1. Greetings from Falls County,
    There is always an ‘Introduction period’ where one makes friends with a new firearm. One thing I have noticed is the need to match a weapon with a brand of ammunation, or a load. If you fire a rifle or handgun braced by sandbags on a bench a tighter group than you can freehand of course.

    But if, in these same conditions you fire six different commerical loads or reloaded charges, you will get six different groups. You then select the ammunation you feel gives the best results.

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