Growing pains…

With things shaping up with the rural county I interviewed for, I have started the process of trying to find a place to live. Commuting is out of the question, as it’s not practical for me to drive the 70 miles one way every day. It’s best all the way around for me to move and live there.

The problem is, as I’m discovering, it’s hard to find out information over the internet, simply because most of the apartment complexs and realtor’s offices don’t have websites. The only information I can find is a name, address, and phone number to call. So, I’m having to generate a list of numbers to call and get information from.

I guess that goes to show how reliant I’ve becoming on letting high speed internet and a google search do all my work for me.

7 Responses to “Growing pains…”

  1. Best things to do – get copies of the Lee County and Lexington newspapers. Probably your best source for local info. I can save you our copies – they usually arrive on Thursday. I’ll be at the ranch all weekend teaching NRA instructor. if you are in the area you can drop by and I can give you the papers.

  2. Or it shows you how “in the dark ages” the place you’re moving to is. :-)

    • I dunno, the place I live now is very much ‘in the dark ages’, just with better internet access. :P

      • heh.

        Honestly, every time I drive through Giddings I thihnk that it’s not that horrible of a place. I just wish it had an HEB. :-)

  3. Greetings from Falls County,
    Have you considered asking your department if they can recomend a place? For what it’s worth.

  4. Don’t forget the local Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureaus.

    I would bet the C of C would be able to give you a listing of apartments or rental companies and the BBB would let you know if there have been complaints against them.

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