New York Lawyer vs Texas Deputy Sheriff

I thought this one was rather fitting:

A New York Lawyer is visiting Texas. He gets pulled over by a Texas Deputy Sheriff. The lawyer thinks “I’ve got 7 years of college and I went to a private school, I’m way smarter than this Deputy Sheriff.” When the Deputy Sheriff approaches the Lawyer’s car, he asks the Lawyer for his License and Insurance. The Lawyers asks what he was pulled over for. The Deputy Sheriff tells the Lawyer he failed to come to a complete stop at a stop sign. The Lawyer tells the Deputy Sheriff, “I slowed down and saw there was no cars coming, it was safe for me to go”.” The Deputy Sheriff tells the Lawyer “Texas Law says you have to come to a complete stop.” The Lawyer says “If you can convince me the difference between slowing down and stopping, I’ll give you my information and I’ll gladly pay the ticket. If you can’t convince me, you’ll need to let me go with a warning.” The Deputy Sheriff agrees, and asks the Lawyer to step out of the car. As the Lawyer steps out of the car, the Deputy Sheriff silently got his baton out. When the Lawyer is out of the car, the Deputy Sheriff starts hitting the Lawyer with the baton and asks “Would you like me to slow down or would you like me to stop?”


3 Responses to “New York Lawyer vs Texas Deputy Sheriff”

  1. Greetings from Falls County,
    Tis tempting I gotta tell ya. My example would be durring my sad days of private security. Hey! I needed a job, and to my horror, I was good at it.

    The business park I worked at offered an unlocking and jump start service for the tentents. One day I responded to a lawyer who was locked out of his car. We had a standard form waving libality for folks to sign.

    When I presented him the form he refused to sign and told me to open his ‘blep’ car. After confirming he wasn’t going to sign I told him “I’m sorry you wasted my time” and drove off. As you can imagine, I was called to come to the office for a ‘Chat’ in short order.

    Did you say that?
    I explained.
    Think you could have handled that better?
    Do I unlock cars if they don’t sign the form?
    Well, I could have handled it better, he could have too. He set the tone.

    Truth be told, I shouldn’t have taken the bait, but they had me pulling all kind of overtime, and that was suppose to be my day off.

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