Wanted to post real quick.

I had an interview with a rural Sheriff’s Office last Thursday. I interviewed with the Chief Deputy and the Sheriff. I felt like the interview went extremely well, as we had a blast. We laughed, a lot.

I’m really hoping I get hired on, because it sounds like it’d be the perfect place for me over say Wilco SO. Pay isn’t the greatest in the world, but there is a lot more to departments than just pay, like how good the admin is, etc. After meeting with the Sheriff and Chief Deputy, I got the strong impression that they run a good ship.

I have a strong feeling that I’ll get the position, but you never know. I’ll hear back from them either way in a couple of weeks.


4 Responses to “Interview”

  1. Best of luck to ya. Hope you get the job and enjoy the position. Good way to start the year.

  2. I’m in Williamson county…

    Best of luck on the interview.

    • Nothin’ against Wilco. I’ve got 2 applications pending with them, and I’m scheduled to test with the Wilco SO on the 14. They’ve got a great SO, however, I feel like this SO would be a better fit for me.

  3. Greetings from Texas,
    Good luck Jay, nothing like working in a department that’s a good fit if that makes any sence to you. I’ll be waiting to hear the good news.

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