Amazing, how quickly a situation can change from a simple stop to all hell breaking loose.

Nothing really signifys this greater than listening to police radio traffic.

First video:

Corporal Roberts stops a homeless man to see what is going on.

Corporal Roberts call sign is “Lincoln 61”

Some 10 Codes you may not recognize:

10-0: Armed and/or Caution
10-33: Emergency!
10-34: Is everything OK?
10-51: Enroute

R.I.P. Corporal Roberts.

Last video: 

Code you might not know:

998: Officer invovled shooting

Phoenix PD Officers involved in a shootout with a member of the Mexican Mafia. No officers were injured, shot the bad guy. This audio was taken from an officer’s body mic.

This video is an excellent example of what your body does under stress. The officers’ voices raise in pitch, they start breathing heavy, they start to make a tactical error at one point “Crossfire! Crossfire! Watch it!”, one even has a negligent discharge due to the adrenaline dump.

You heard the officer talking about his sister a lot. He was not shot, however, when you know your loved one is on duty and you see reports of officer involved shooting, you tend to worry about them. That is why the officer was insistent about letting his sister know he was okay. I have a similar system in place with my parents. If something goes down and they believe I am involved, I text them a simple phrase to let them know I’m okay.


One Response to “Chills”

  1. Greetings from Falls County,
    Some years ago in Houston I saw a car swerve suddenly into the oncoming lane of a surface street. I never found out what caused it, but from the time the car jerked into the next lane till it stopped was maybe two seconds. It stopped that fast because it hit another car, in the correct lane, head on.

    I was one lane over and three cars back. When I went by the driver that swerved was getting out and the other driver was slumped in his seatbelt behind the wheel. When I pulled over to check I could see they had enough witnesse, I was only going to be in the way.

    I found out later the driver of the car in the correct lane was dead. Neither car was speeding. It happened too fast for the guy in the correct lane to do anything about it. I don’t know why the driver swerved into the on comming lane, but it cost the other guy his life.

    Had I been in the inside lane and a hundred feet down the road it could have been me.

    I don’t dream about that near as much as I did ten plus years ago, but a have never forgotten how fast death can come to someone who is where they are suppose to be and doing what they are suppose to do.

    As a law enforcement officer your risk is considerably higer, as you know. It is unthinkable how fast a routine situation can go south. Take care of your self, please.

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