Gun cleaning

Sitting here at the computer desk, cleaning a borrowed 1911 from the awesome ‘and sometimes he sleeps’ Mr. Rehn at KR Training, while watching episodes of Family Guy I have on DVD.

Which got me thinking, how do you clean your guns? Do you sit at your work bench and just clean, or do you make an activity out of it by watching TV or listening to music?

4 Responses to “Gun cleaning”

  1. So that explains the M-14 comment. I know where you were.

    How do I clean? Listen to music.

  2. It varies.

    Rifles are usually in the living room, incidentally the TV is generally on and my wife watching and therefore so am I to some extent. My bench does not have adequate space for cleaning rifles at present.

    Handguns are generally at the reloading bench or thereabouts, and there’s usually some sort of music/audio going on. I do not keep a TV in there, as that would be too much distraction for reloading anyway.

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