As you know, I’ve been exercising quite a bit lately. Right now, I’m mainly focused on losing weight and workin on my cardio since the weather is still nice outside. When the weather turns sour, I plan on switching to doing stuff like push ups, sit ups, burpees, etc.

A couple nights ago, I had a cup of orange juice. I drank it all in a single gulp, and my body craved more. So I ended up having another 4 cups of OJ. I couldn’t believe it, but I ended up drinking over a quart of orange juice. I couldn’t figure out why either. That’s a lot of OJ to drink in one sitting. But amazingly, I felt a lot better. I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Went to sleep that night, woke up, and felt awesome. I started looking at the nutrition facts, and realized why I craved OJ.

See, when I started exercising about a week ago, I started watching what I ate. Smaller portions, less snacking, one soda a day, and all that jazz. The problem I backed myself into was simple, I didn’t increase the amount of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals I was getting. I craved that OJ for the potassium, as well as the other vitamins and minerals.

So, I am going to change my diet slightly: more simple carbs, slightly increase my protein intake, and start eating more fruits, like bananas. Bananas are amazing for everything they have in them, like a majority of the B vitamins, potassium, zinc, magnesium, etc.

Hopefully these minor changes will keep me going!


3 Responses to “Nutrients”

  1. Take a good multivitamin. Yes, do balance out the diet, that’s best, but a multivitamin will help ensure you’re not missing anything as you go through this transition.

    • I wish I could take multivitamins, but I can’t. They jack with me too much. They speed up my system and make me nervous and jumpy, then when they wear off I have a massive crash.

      • Yikes! No good. Ok well, then yeah, just monitor your diet more.

        but in the end you did the right thing: you listened to your body. That’s essential.

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