Week 2, Day 1 down!

7 minute warm up walk, the exercise (lasted for 21 minutes as opposed to week 1’s 20 minutes), and a 7 minute cool down walk.

Stats: 41:36, average speed 4.5 mph, burned 521.8 calories, total distance of 3.09 miles.

It’s interesting to see my average speed slowly rise. I’m sure it’ll plateau eventually. Here’s the numbers:

W1,D1: 3.73 mph

W1,D2: 4.07 mph

W1, D3 (didn’t blog, sorry!): 4.34 mph

W2, D1: 4.5 mph

I already feel a little better, especially since I’ve cut down on the sodas. Only 23 more C25k workouts to go!


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