Hsoi’s family had to give away what my grand-dad would’ve called a wild pet. A wild pet is a wild animal that you care and look after, but is still a wild animal.

Rather than see some of their favorite animals be taken and destroyed, they took a late night rescue ride to find them a good home, where they will be safe and loved.

5 Responses to “Sadness”

  1. Greetings from Texas,
    My wife and I have always loved these ducks. They have more personality than the run of the mill ducks you see everywhere. Hope they make out alright.

    • Arthur, if you and your wife love these ducks, then please please please, read this:

      and go comment on the website on the proposed regulation. In fact, if both you and your wife separately comment, that’d be even better. We need more voices on this, and the comment period closes in a matter of days.

      Everything we can do to help these guys is needed.

      Thank you!

  2. Arthur, thank you for making the effort to read, comment, and contribute your time and words to the effort.

  3. Steve Day Says:

    Very nice story. It’s also reassuring to know there are more animal nuts like me out there.

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