Okay, I’ve been home for a couple hours now, and dude, my whole body hurts.

4 hours sleep Friday night, 12 hours of play on Saturday, 3 hours sleep Saturday night, 4 hours of play on Sunday.

Needless to say, I’m beat.

But, I would like to say, this was my first game since going through the classes I’ve taken at KR Training. I have a paintball pistol I use as a back up more and a primary when the situation calls for it. Well, one thing I noticed when using the pistol as a primary and the one time I had to use it as a back up, was how much of a difference the stuff I learned at KR made in how I played. There were more than a couple times someone had the drop on me, but due to some of the stuff I had learned, I was able to take them out and stay alive.

Anyway, time for me to hit the hay really really hard!


One Response to “ZZZZZZZ”

  1. It dose my heart good to hear that the 20 year old warriors also collaspe from such a weekend. I used to come in from a weekend of reenacting or a cowboy action shoot and fall on the couch…and hurt. I would drag errect long enough to clean guns, then go to bed.

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