Personal Tactics Skills

I took this class, then completely forgot to blog about it.

I’m a touch busy at moment, but I’ll post a quick excerpt:

Karl – “Kids are a tactical problem. When someone breaks in, your first thought is to make sure they are safe.”

Then after some discussion about layout of your home, kids, etc, and how great a tactical problem kids are…

Student in the class (I think his name was Gary?) – “So basically, what your saying, from a tactical standpoint, it’s best just to not have kids?” (He was joking)

3 Responses to “Personal Tactics Skills”

  1. Depends. Teach ’em how to shoot well and now you’ve got a team. :-)

    • Yea, but while they are in that 0-10 phase, it’s a tactical problem.

      An even bigger tactical problem is when you’ve got 2 armed men that live in the same house hear the same suspicious bump. :P

  2. Greetings from Falls County,
    There are never any perfect solutions. The basics as I understand them is to collect the whole family in one area and
    A. Call the Police
    B. Train the biggest gun you have on the door of that room until you hear police officers in the hall outside.
    The rest is fine tuning.

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