Multiple guns?

The question was asked: “Since most of you have more than one gun, would you pass out your extra firearms/ammo to family members/friends in a SHTF situation?”

One of the best replies: “It’s the second reason I collect C&Rs.

You want a gun? Mosin Nagant, baby. Made for untrained peasant armies of the past and they’ll equip my untrained peasant army of the future.
Now stop asking about the self-loaders and try not to dislocate your shoulder. You make it through the first engagement and I’ll consider giving you a better rifle.
Not happy with that? Well you should have thought of that when you had the chance to buy your own rifle.

But, but, but… STFU.”

Obviously if it’s a SHTF situation, I’m certainly willing to issue a rifle and ammo to a family member/friend that is familiar with firearms. That’s why I think it’s important that your family has at least has a working knowledge of your firearms.

Same thing goes with my friends. I make sure they all have enough knowledge to line up the sights, squeeze don’t jerk, reload, and if it goes click instead of bang, pull the bolt back and try again.


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