DPS > RADAR Detectors

SayUncle is looking for a RADAR detectors.

Then you’ve got sites like this that review RADAR detectors, showing you how sensative they are, etc.

4 things I find funny about this.

1. If you just did the speed limit, it’s a non-issue. Everytime it goes off, you’d have to slam on the brakes to slow down causing undue wear and tear on your brakes and tires.

2. Most of the time, ‘speed traps’ aren’t designed to catch speeders, they are designed to slow down speeders. Now, if your going so fast that you can’t slow down in time to at least be doing close to the speed limit, this yes, believe your going to get pulled over. The only thing a detector would do then is get you to do what seeing the cop car would do anyway.

3. Texas DPS Troopers are actually certified to judge speed by eye at plus/minus 10 mph. This means they could already have you for speeding, and they just need to hit the RADAR to verify how fast you were going for the citation/warning. The only thing the RADAR would be good for then is to tell you what speed to expect on the citation/warning.

4. Most departments use/are going to LASER speed systems anyway, so your detector won’t alert you until it is too late, when the LASER hits your car.

Something to think about if you use/want to use a RADAR detector.


4 Responses to “DPS > RADAR Detectors”

  1. #1 has always been my approach to the situation.

    Radar detectors seem like admission you wish to break the law (which seems interesting for us gun folk that like to tout out law-abiding we are). Plus it seems like a lot of money spent for no gain… people I know that have them always complain about how it didn’t work and how expensive their speeding ticket was. *shrug*

  2. #1 doesn’t always work. I’ve been nailed doing the limit when a minivan blasted past me, then slammed on the brakes. Cop pulled me over and it was judge, jury and executioner all in one package.

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