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With a simple click, I can find out a lot of information about a person.

You can too.

For instance, I’ll take someone I know pretty well. We’re friends, but I haven’t known him too long.

Using his name and knowing what kind of car he drives, I was able to go to that website, punch in his name, and do a google street view of the approximate location of his house. However, since I know what car he drives, I was able to pin point his house exactly.

How accurate is that website? It seems to be very hit or miss. It says I’m married and live in a 3 bedroom 2 bath house. Sorry, but wrong by a long shot.



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Quick list of updates.

1. I stopped blogging my exercise updates, as you can tell. Sportypal sucks isn’t as accurate as I thought it would be when it comes to figuring distances, speed, etc. I looked back at some of my previous runs, and it’s way off.

2. Big job interview today at 1 p.m. I love the department, I love the area, now I just need to make it happen by getting the job!

3. I spent the last couple of days doing some research into my next series of articles. I got them all typed up and ready to go, now lets see if WordPress posts them like they should.

4. Is ammo getting cheaper, or is it just me?

No Parole for Cop Killers

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Fast forward to December 26, 2010, in Woburn, Massachusetts. On a snowy night during a rush for after-Christmas sales, a lifelong criminal was prowling the streets a free man after being paroled from his three life sentences. Along with two accomplices, this lowlife walked into a busy department store and robbed the jewelry counter at gunpoint. As he fled the store he was confronted by 34-year police veteran Officer John Maguire. During the ensuing exchange of shots both Officer Maguire and the lifelong criminal were killed.

ODMP: No Parole for Cop Killers

Just go, read, and comment. This is something we ALL need to stand behind and support.


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This list is making the rounds of LE jokes, and thought it was worth a share:

Narcotics units:
-Immediately grow facial hair, tell everybody you were ordered to.
-Start watching every episode of Monster Garage.
-Buy a biker wallet with a big chain.
-Make every case involve overtime $$$.
-Buy bunches of boats, RV’s, and motorcycles with that overtime.
-Learn to play golf drunk.

SWAT units:
-Wear team T-shirts, Oakley sunglasses and boots everyday.
-Try to fit the word breach in to every conversation.
-Have a mirror handy to check hair, if you have hair.
-Never say hello to anyone who is not an operator, just practice your SWAT head nod.
-Subscribe to Soldier of Fortune and Muscle and Fitness.
-Learn to play golf wearing a gun.

Community Service units/D.A.R.E.:
-Hate SWAT.
-Work to make everybody love you.
-Paint your office in pastel colors.
-Think Feng Shui.
-Subscribe to Psychology Today.
-Learn to play miniature golf.

Traffic units:
-Write tickets to EVERYBODY.
-Spend every weekend cleaning your bike and polishing boots.
-Annoy everyone on the radio calling out your stops.
-Talk about nothing but how many tickets you wrote in one day.
-Ride by a building with big windows to see your reflection.
-Golf is lame, motor rodeos are cool.

K-9 Units
-Become sadistic.
-Show pictures of your latest dog bite.
-Brag about your largest drug find.
-Smell like a dog.
-Workout 3 times a day.
-Show off your bruises.

Administrative Units:
-Three-hour lunches everyday, tell everybody it’s a “meeting”.
-Upgrade department cell phone every month.
-Tell everybody you are published in a national law enforcement magazine.
-Update your revenge list on a weekly basis.
-Golf Rules! Play lots of golf.

Patrol Units:
-Has nerves of steel.
-In a terminal state of nausea from department politics.
-Inability to keep mouth shut.
-Has defining tastes in alcohol.
-Is respected by peers.
-Beats the crap out of his caddy on any bogeyed shot

-Automatically grasps the door handle until knuckles turn white when car is put in gear.
-Considers a multiple-victim homicide in progress a “good training opportunity” and asks to take primary.
-Considers less than three hours of OT to be a quiet day.

-Come in at 0800
-“Breakfast” from 0815 to 1030
-Work from 1030 to Noon, Noon to 1400 Work out and Lunch
-1400-1700 Sit in CID and talk about how many girlfriends you have and how the wife doesn’t know.
-Plan your next RV, fishing, motorcycle trip.

Patrol Sergeant:
-Remembers very well “how we used to do it.”
-Always willing to tell his officers the above.
-Tries to fit the word “liability” in to every sentence.
-Talks about “what he’s hearing from upstairs.”

-Unable to grow facial hair.
-Watches every episode of Cops.
-Worships the ground the SWAT guys walk on.
-Arrives for work three hours early.
-Thinks the sergeant is thrilled to see him.
-Won’t drink on the golf course because it violates the open container ordinance.

– Shave head, and grow goatee (unless you want to be a management weenie, then make sure you are clean shaven, with short almost military style haircut).
– Wear 5.11 pants, and polo with agency logo (unless you want to be a management weenie, then make sure you always have a shirt and pants to which a jacket and tie can be quickly added for when the boss might be around).
– Arrive at work at 8AM, spend one hour answering useless emails, and 30 minutes checking your retirement investments. Then go with another agent to Starbucks “to discuss your new case.”
– After participating in your first warrant service (as outside cover) make plans to join the agency SRT,SWAT, etc, to “properly utilize your superior tactical skills.”
– After doing your first buy bust, immediately begin asking the boss about “long term undercover” jobs.
– Refuse to play golf with “the locals.”

New Corrections Officers:
– Show up for work 15 minutes early
– Buy only the best ink pens (Pilot G-2)
– Wear T-Shirts of your “dream department” under your uniform
– Wear a full duty belt of gear even though you have to remove: gun, baton, spare magazines, knife, cell phone, when you arrive at the facility
– Become friends with every local police officer
– Continue eating too much and not exercising

Court Security
-Say you don’t want to work patrol anyway, but monitor dispatch channel while in courtroom.
-Have Jail and courthouse cafeteria menus memorized.
-Have seriously thought of entering law school after sitting through three jury trials.
-Consider the Public Defenders’ Christmas party the high point of the year.

Defensive Tactics Instructors
-Starts stretching before making arrest.
-Can spend hours debating the advantages of ASP vs. straight stick.
-Has spent more than $50 on a wood baton.
-Giggles when a suspect starts to resist.

– Responds to every question/statement with the word, ‘huh?’
– Has a % lead/blood level higher than the current Chief’s approval rating.
– Operates under the assumption that the more beer you drink, the more of that lead leaves your system.
– Thinks a new tactical handgun is a great Christmas gift for the wife/girlfriend.
– Has an image of a custom 1911-A1 for a screen-saver.
– Wears the latest high-tech electronic hearing protectors during normal conversation.

I can say most of those have a basis in reality…

Merry Christmas!

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As is the tradition here at FaMiT, I’m a day late and a dollar short.

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

And don’t bother wasting your one phone call from jail on me, I don’t do bail. ;)


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Amazing, how quickly a situation can change from a simple stop to all hell breaking loose.

Nothing really signifys this greater than listening to police radio traffic.

First video:

Corporal Roberts stops a homeless man to see what is going on.

Corporal Roberts call sign is “Lincoln 61”

Some 10 Codes you may not recognize:

10-0: Armed and/or Caution
10-33: Emergency!
10-34: Is everything OK?
10-51: Enroute

R.I.P. Corporal Roberts.

Last video: 

Code you might not know:

998: Officer invovled shooting

Phoenix PD Officers involved in a shootout with a member of the Mexican Mafia. No officers were injured, shot the bad guy. This audio was taken from an officer’s body mic.

This video is an excellent example of what your body does under stress. The officers’ voices raise in pitch, they start breathing heavy, they start to make a tactical error at one point “Crossfire! Crossfire! Watch it!”, one even has a negligent discharge due to the adrenaline dump.

You heard the officer talking about his sister a lot. He was not shot, however, when you know your loved one is on duty and you see reports of officer involved shooting, you tend to worry about them. That is why the officer was insistent about letting his sister know he was okay. I have a similar system in place with my parents. If something goes down and they believe I am involved, I text them a simple phrase to let them know I’m okay.

The list

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Skippy’s list r funny.

Skippy’s list is a list of items that either he was told he couldn’t do or he overheard someone else being told they couldn’t do.

Some of my favorites:

Not allowed to play “Pulp Fiction” with a suction-cup dart pistol and any officer.

Must attempt to not antagonize SAS.

Must never call an SAS a “Wanker”.

Must never ask anyone who outranks me if they’ve been smoking crack.

The Irish MPs are not after “Me frosted lucky charms”.

Not allowed to chew gum at formation, unless I brought enough for everybody.(Next day) Not allowed to chew gum at formation even if I *did* bring enough for everybody.

Can’t have flashbacks to wars I was not in. (The Spanish-American War isn’t over).

I am not the atheist chaplain.

Not allowed to quote “Full Metal Jacket “ at the rifle range.

It is better to beg forgiveness than to ask permission, no longer applies to Specialist Schwarz.

The MP checkpoint is not an Imperial Stormtrooper roadblock, so I should not tell them “You don’t need to see my identification, these are not the droids you are looking for.”I may not call block my chain of command.

A smiley face is not used to mark a minefield.

I am not allowed to mount a bayonet on a crew-served weapon.

I am not allowed to bum cigarettes off of anyone under twelve.

I may not trade my rifle for any of the following: Cigarettes, booze, sexual favors, Kalishnikovs, Soviet Armored vehicles, small children, or bootleg CD’s.

I cannot trade my CO to the Russians.

I should not drink three quarts of blue food coloring before a urine test. Nor should I drink three quarts of red food coloring, and scream during the same.

The following items do not exist: Keys to the Drop Zone, A box of grid squares, blinker fluid, winter air for tires, canopy lights, or Chem-Light ® batteries.

No, the pants are not optional.

Not allowed to “defect” to OPFOR during training missions.

Pokémon® trainer is not an MOS.

Not allowed to lead a “Coup” during training missions.

I should not confess to crimes that took place before I was born.

 Must not valiantly push officers onto hand grenades to save the squad.

Go and read the rest of the list here!