I was reading over at Walls Of The City (link soon to follow as soon as my computer stops being a pain in the rear) about how the Antis are basically getting older and need new blood to keep it going.

Then it hit me. Sooner or later, the Antis will fade away. Here is why.

For us, firearms are apart of our way of life. I am 22, and started shooting at the age of 6. My dad began shooting when he was 10. Same for my grandfather, so forth and so on. I can think of multiple gunbloggers who take their children shooting and/or hunting regularly. As long as we can continue to pass this right, heritage, tradition, whatever you want to call it, down through our families, we will never have to fear fading away, because it is apart of us.

Does being easily passed on help our case? Absolutely, I mean, would you rather get a rifle from your grandfather or a piece of paper stating why guns are bad?

But, more importantly, the ideals of gun ownership are passed on as well, like protecting our rights as gun owners.

While the Brady campaign is clamoring to find its next spokesperson, we already have the means and ways to safely ensure that gun rights are preserved for future generations. All we have to do is outlast them.

Now go take your kid(s) shooting, and introduce them to our fine world.


One Response to “Outlast”

  1. Jay,

    I wish it was as easy as outlasting them but it isn’t. We have to be constantly vigilant because they don’t need the entire population to support them.

    They don’t even need half the population. All they need is enough people in the legislation and the courts to implement their plan.

    And most of their recruiting is done where parents won’t think about. College.

    Way too many of the professors are nannys-state liberals who want to implement their ideal plan for our existence whether we like it or not.

    We do have the mechanism to keep them in check but not eradicated.

    It is the young people, it is the family. Heck, my 17 year old tears apart anti-gun propaganda when he sees it on the t.v. — because I’ve talked to him. We’ve exposed him to the truth and let him make the decision. We’ve taken him shooting and shown him how to responsibly use firearms.

    And it isn’t just our kids — we are willing to introduce everyone to the sport.

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