Duty gun choice

You may remember a while back I got stuck on what I wanted to use for my duty gun, Beretta 92F or Glock 23. Obviously, the Beretta won out. I never posted why, until now.

I did a mini-qualification shoot with both, covering a fairly wide range of shooting, like rapid shots from the holster to slow shots from the low ready position, at distances from 3 feet to 25 yards.

Points ended up not mattering, both scored within a couple points of each other. What ended up mattering was group size and quick recovery.

See, I had to run the qual by myself and without a shot timer. So, I used the microphone on my cell phone to record the sound of the shots. Listening back to it, I gleaned a lot of important data. Same from the paper targets.

The data broke down like this:

Group size. At ranges under 15 yards, I was more accurate with the Glock. At ranges over 15 yards, I was more accurate with the Beretta. Why the difference? The Beretta will have a tendency to be more accurate because it is a full size gun. The Glock is a compact. At under 15 yards, the striker fired Glock easily beats the DA/SA pull, but at the longer distances I think the barrel size comes into play.

Follow up shots. Simply put, Beretta hands down. The metal frame eats up the recoil of the 9mm easy. Not so much with the .40 cal Glock. Listening to the audio, it is a night and day difference, even at close ranges.

One handed weapon manipulation. Again, 9mm in an all metal pistol. It wasn’t as stable as the Glock for accuracy, but follow up shots were stupid quick compared to the Glock.

I know it seems like I am debating accuracy versus follow up shots, but I am not. The difference in accuracy at under 15 yards was minor. All hits were solid hits, the only difference being the hits were a little more spaced out with the Beretta, but still solid hits.

Overall, it was a lot of the little things that lead me going to the Beretta. I think the best duty weapon for me, based on that qual run, would be a polymer framed 9mm, like a Glock 17 or an M&P.


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