Simple question:

How do you store your ammo?

In the box in a case? Dumped out in an ammo can? Locked up in the safe?

Being broke, I keep mine in the box in an ammo can.


5 Responses to “storage”

  1. Yes.

    If it’s factory ammo, it’s kept boxed up just like I bought it.

    My reloads, well, if it’s something I did in bulk it’s just loose in a can. If it’s something in smaller quantity, it tends to go into a plastic ammo box (little “slots” for each round).

  2. In the box, in an ammo can (sorted by caliber) in a cabinet.

  3. You have enough ammo for this to be a concern??? I’m envious :)

    Actually, I store my ammo in the factory boxes or plastic tray boxes that it came in. I haven’t purchased much bulk ammo yet but I have 500 rounds of 9mm that I may dump in an ammo can since it is the same mfg.

    • I have 250 rounds of 7.62×39, 500 rounds of 9mm, 500 rounds of .40, 71 rounds of .30-30, 15 rounds of 20ga, and 150 rounds of .25 auto.

      Don’t have a lot, just much variation.

  4. Greetings from Falls County,
    I keep mine in plastic or factory boxes, in ammo cans sorted by calibur. The cans are locked in foot lockers. There is no marking on the foot lockers to indicate what is inside them.

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