ER trip

Had to go to the ER last night. My fever pegged around 103 and stayed there, no matter we did. I also had bad body aches. So, a trip to the ER was the best option.

Got checked in and in a matter of minutes I saw a doctor. He gave me some Tylenol and let it work. About 15 minutes later, a nurse came in and gave me a flu test. It sucked, but not as bad as getting OC’d. About 10 minutes later, the doc said the test was negative and gave me a powerful antibiotic, and diagnosed me as ‘Fever, unknown’ and kicked me out of the door. When I checked out, my fever was around 100 degrees and I had a prescription for more powerful antibiotics.

Anyway, what gets me is their lack of concern for why I got so sick. Once they figured out I didn’t have the flu, it was like they didn’t seem to really care about what caused it. It seemed like flu was out, so let’s give him a broad spectrum antibiotic and kick him out the door.

The whole thing left me with a real unsettling feeling for some reason.

2 Responses to “ER trip”

  1. Welcome to public medicine! Go in with “chest pain difficulty breathing” and see what kind of reaction and bill you get! Even if it is not a heart attack.

    Hope you are feeling better though!

  2. Greetings from Falls County,
    You weren’t bleeding out and saw a doctor in less than an hour. You weren’t in Houston. I have taken folks running a fever to the ER there and spent the night.

    Now, having said that, if you are in Galveston and blood isn’t spurting – DRIVE TO HOUSTON for an ER. My wife had a killer Migrain on our last vacation there and begged me to take her to the local ER. 10 hours I shit you not! It’s been ten plus years but I doubt if they have gotten any better.

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