So, found out today from one of the patrol captains…

As a part time deputy, per departmental policy, I am not allowed to carry off duty. I can carry on duty, but can’t carry off duty.

The only people that are allowed to carry off duty per departmental policy are the full time deputies. If I got a CHL I could carry off duty, but that would be with CHL restrictions.

Rat fart.


5 Responses to “Breaker…”

  1. Well shit. How long until you are a full time deputy?

  2. as a LEO getting a CHL is really easy – no additional training required.
    Once you start working and writing tickets and arresting people…you shouldn’t be running around unarmed when you are off duty.

  3. Too bad Texas doesn’t recognize me as a LEO. :(

    To qualify for the CHL you have to be full time.

    Looks like I just stay at home when I’m off duty…

  4. Greetings from Falls County,
    Tis disappointing news. The more ‘good guys’ out there packing the more dangerous it is to be a bad guy. You one of the ‘good guys’! Get the CHL soonest, we will all feel safer.

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