Phone OS choice

Seems SOCOM prefers Andriod over Apple…

Real Men Use Android: Special Forces Favor Google Phone

(h/t SayUncle)


2 Responses to “Phone OS choice”

  1. Greetings from Texas,
    Perhaps it’s my age talking, but I like a phone I can TALK ON! I don’t need a phone with a thousand ‘Apps?’ I don’t know how to use. I don’t need a phone that will program my coffee maker, let me watch Pawn Stars or find me women.

    The worst fight my son and I have had in recent memory was due to his saying something, me answering, and he jumped my case for interupting him while he was talking on the phone. Blue tooth? I didn’t know he recieved a call, and he was luckly to get out of that conversation with teeth.

    We (I) have a simple rule now. When he comes out to the property to shoot, his phone stays in his truck.

    • Don’t worry, I’m supposed to be of the ‘cell phone age’ and I hate Bluetooth devices as well. If I can’t tell whether your on the phone or not, don’t be mad at me if I happen to interrupt your phone conversation.

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