Fact or Crap?

Looking for people’s opinion on this…fact or crap?

Did S&W design it that way, or is it a happy mistake?

Evidence I’ve gathered:

1. Watching Magpul’s Dynamic Handgun, Costa says that S&W designed the M&P that way. He also said that Beretta designed the M9 the same way.

2. Owning a Beretta 92F, I thought I’d try this when I did Firearms last month. For me and my Beretta, it worked. For one of my classmates and his Beretta 96 Vertec, it worked. As a matter of fact, I got to where putting the mag in would get the slide to release 19 out of 20 times. The catch I noticed is hitting the bottom of the frame at a rough angle when you put the mag in.

Obviously I’m not going to rely on it happening when I reload, be it gunfight or practicing at the range. I’m not going to keep reinserting the mag and hitting it until it goes home. I noticed that if it does happen, my immediate reflex is to start to rack the slide as usual. I think of it as an added bonus rather than a sure-fire way of reloading.

So, readers, whats your opinion?

Fact that it was designed that way? Crap that it’s just random luck?

One Response to “Fact or Crap?”

  1. It’s odd that this gets posted and I post my M&P thoughts on my blog. Coincidence (the M&P post was written a few days ago and queued).

    If I get a chance to play with an M&P this weekend, I’m going to try that. We’ll play “bug or feature”.

    Frankly even if it is a feature, I’d still do like you said: not rely upon it because even in the video it wasn’t 100% and I’d rather have muscle memory that worked on any gun.

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