Fire in a can

I got my OC certification today in the police academy.

Yes, this entailed me getting sprayed with OC.

And holy crap, I thought my face was going to melt. I certainly can appreciate the effectiveness of OC now. And the thing is, since I know how it effects me personally, I know how to fight through it and do what I need to do.

The worst part is the random reactivation. I can just be sitting there, watching TV/reading a book/whatever, and bam, it reactivates. Sure, it isn’t near as powerful as the initial blast, but I can still get a little burn.

I think I am going to pick up a little can of it to keep as a self defense tool until I can get picked up by a department and can carry, cause man, that stuff is effective.

Honestly, I’d recommend everyone get sprayed so they can see how they are affected by it. I mean yea it sucks, but it is very handy to know the effects it has on you, and to prove to yourself that you can work through it, in case you are ever sprayed in the future. A good sized can (effective range 10-12 feet and about 16 sprays) is only $16, and thats for the good LE grade stuff.

I’d be willing to put anyone through a little mini-class and give them a spray of it. You wouldn’t get any kind of certification, just a good bit of knowledge.

7 Responses to “Fire in a can”

  1. Greetings from Falls County,
    Some years ago, while living in Amarillo I was sprayed in the eyes with the old CS spray by a kid messing around. It hurt like hell but if I could have gotten my hands on the littel brat I could still have chocked the life out of him.

    Fact is before, and after that incident, he was a pretty neat kid. I most likely would have felt bad about wringing his neck a week or so later. If the OC is worst than the CS spray I’m surprised it didn’t kill you.

    • Some of the ex-military guys said OC burns just as bad as CS, but the after effects of OC make OC worse than CS.

      They said with CS, you could go home, take a shower, and it was all gone. No worries about it reactivating, etc. They also said that the burn of OC lasted a helluva lot longer than CS, and burns a lot longer.

      With OC, you’ve got all of that. It’ll reactivate randomly without warning, you have to take care to make sure to carefully wash your face.

  2. Kevin Pollac Says:

    I’d be willing to put anyone through a little mini-class and give them a spray of it. You wouldn’t get any kind of certification, just a good bit of knowledge.

    Sadistic man. ;)

  3. Any brand you suggest?

  4. I prefer Defense Tech, simply because of personal experience. I got sprayed with .2% Capsaicinoid, and that shit sucks.

    I got sprayed with this:

    The thing is, with pepperspray, a higher Capsaicinoid percentage isn’t necessarily better. Once it starts to burn, that’s it. You aren’t going to really cause that much more pain with .4% than .2%. The only thing you are going to do is risk burning nerve endings and cause eye trauma.

    The numbers we were told to look for are a max of .2% Capsaicinoid, and 10% Oleoresin Capsicum (OC). Make sure it is WATER BASED, non-toxic, and food grade. It’ll say on the bottle or the packaging if it is or not. This is the least harmful, simply because there is nothing in it that could cause lasting effects, and because it is food grade OC, it’s safe for human consumption.

    There is oil based OC spray on the market, but there are too many risks with it. Water based OC is just as effective with none of the risks.

  5. Another thing to remember is just how it effects you before you use it.

    We (misbeHaven and I) don’t carry it at all anymore. Long ago she had a can leak on her kitchen table at her apartment. She ended up in the bedroom on the phone to 911 because she couldn’t breath. She has since been diagnosed with severe asthma and that explains her reaction. Didn’t know it at the time though.

    You really do need to know how you and those around you that you care about react to the stuff before you use it as a personal defense tool.

    • GunGeek brings up an excellent point.

      The bad part is, most people don’t know how they will react until they get sprayed.

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