Early on in the Academy, the Director told us we would each discover our own niche, what we wanted to do in law enforcement. A majority of the officers out there love to do patrol. They don’t want to advance up the chain nor do they want to go into one of the many ‘specialties’, like Narcotics, VICE, SWAT/SRT/ERU, etc. They love the day to day of patrol, the freedoms, the constantly changing situations.

Me personally? I’d love to go into one of 3 directions, K-9, Investigations, or SWAT/SRT/ERU, in the order I’d like to do them.

K-9 for reasons I’ll get into shortly.

I love Investigations. I love the mental challenge of Investigations, out there pounding on doors, looking at evidence, and putting all the pieces together. For me, it’d be mental stimulation to the max.

SWAT/SRT/ERU because who doesn’t want to kick down doors and be a bad ass while doing it? Just the thrill of being on call 24/7, all the awesome training I’d get to do, and the day to day uncertainty.

Why K-9 as my favorite choice? First, I love dogs. Don’t get me wrong, I love cats, and grew up with a cat I loved to death, but still, there is just something about the loyalty of a dog. Second, working with a K-9, you can get into a lot of shtuff, like sniffing out drugs or getting the bad guy out of a closet.

However, my top reason, is because when it comes down to it, perps fear a dog a lot more than they do a gun. You can hold them all day long at gun point, and they will cuss up a storm at you. However, you holster that gun and have a K-9 snarling and barking at the end of a leash, and you bet you’ll gain compliance. Hsoi posted a prime example of that here. It only took one solid bark for that guy to pack it up.

Sure, having a K-9 does come with its disadvantages, but from a pure safety standpoint, the advantages outweight the disadvantages. One incident we studied in the Academy highlights this. A K-9 officer got in a fight with a bad guy on Angel Dust. The bad guy got on top of the officer, and the officer saw he was in a losing fight. The officer hit the trunk release button on his duty belt, and out came the K-9. The fight only lasted another 10 seconds, because the K-9 got a very well placed bite on the bad guy’s upper thigh.

Now the hard part of finding a department that has a good K-9 program…

3 Responses to “K-9”

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  2. Greetings from Falls County,
    Excellent points. As a Kid I always had German Shepards. My last one should have been trained as a drug or explosive dog, but I was busy with other things.

    Chris was a good friend and took care of me. The day he died it was like loosing a child. He made a great pet and an outstand companion, but I think he would have been better as a working dog.

    I hope you get this done Jay. It would be a good path for you.

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