first scenario

First scenario was a simple alarm call, a neighbor had seen someone inside an empty house.

My partner, A.R., and I stacked up at the front door and prepared to make entry. I pounded on the door, yelled Sheriffs Office come out with your hands up, and waited half a second. I opened the door, and we made entry. We cleared the living room and dining room, and stacked up to enter a large utility room. A.R. was the point man. He made entry into the room, while I stayed posted outside the room to cover our rear. I heard 3 shots in the room, followed by ‘Clear!’. We cleared the rest of the house.

A.R. found a burglar in the corner of the room and engaged him. The suspect had a weapon pointed at him, so he engaged him. He shot the guy once in each lung and once in the right wrist.

A.R. was justified in shooting because the suspect was pointing a gun at him.

My thoughts: It sucks hearing your partner shooting, knowing there is nothing you can do but hold your position and hope it turns out okay.


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