It works!

Finished up Patrol Practicals this week at Cedar Park.

This was a lot of real world application stuff, like traffic stops and room/building clearing. We used simunitions and sim guns, so we would be able to react appropriately.

I got in a couple of gun fights, but no extended firefights. Nothing cools the blood like hearing a sim round whiz by you and splat on the wall, or feeling the spray from the paint on your face as it hits your piece of cover.

I will say this, the stuff I learned at KR Training really does work. If you ever doubted it, don’t. Every time my instincts kicked in, it was stuff I’d picked up from KR and his training staff. When I reflected upon the situation after each debrief, I realized that most of the situations I faced I had gone through and practiced at KR in one form or another. Even if it wasn’t even roughly the same, the base skills I developed still applied to the scenarios I went through.

There were several situations where stuff I learned (like search and assess and how to react to another threat during the S.A.A.) saved my butt from getting shot. It turns out a wife gets pretty pissed when you shoot her husband (even if it is a justifiable shooting).

I plan to post some AARs from the scenarios I went through, to help me highlight and learn from some of the mistakes I made, and for you to critique and see if there was a mistake I made that the instructors or myself missed.

One Response to “It works!”

  1. Wow, small world. I live in Round Rock, basically on the CP border. My neighbor is a detective for the CP police dept.

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