Duty gun decisions

Parents and I went shooting yesterday morning. I didn’t feel like shooting my Beretta anymore, yet I didn’t want to take the USP out of the safe. I wanted to take something, so I took my Glock 23. As you can tell, I did rather well with it, considering I haven’t shot it since I started the Academy.

Now my thought is, why not use it for my duty gun?

The only problem I have is the fact that it is a compact, as opposed to the full size 22. I did do some distance shooting, from 20 to 25 yards, and it really wasn’t as accurate as I would like.

So, the question I have, is what would you do and why? Stick with the full size Beretta or switch to the compact Glock 23?


5 Responses to “Duty gun decisions”

  1. A full size pistol is for fighting. A compact one is for concealment. You sacrifice rounds and grip real estate with one. I’d use it for a bug or off duty carry. Just my non cop opinion.

  2. Greetings from Falls County,
    Sorry if I missed it in the past, but how well do you shoot with the Beretta?

    There is one other consideration I will mention. In this area all the officers carry the same weapon and have equipment arranged in the same position on their belts. Reasoning being that if one officer is running short of ammo he can take a magazine from another officer’s belt. I have major problems with this, mainly they don’t carry 1911’s. But it’s what they have chosen to do things here.

    The solution may be decided for you depending on what department you work for.

    I hope this helps. Personally, I think an officer going in harms way should carry a weapon he has faith in.

  3. size considerations aside, it’s been my experience that glocks go bang more reliably in more adverse conditions than the Beretta. and it’s lighter than a 17.

  4. You better wait until you get a job. See what you are allowed to carry. You might be told X is the issued weapon. You will carry X and only X. If you can’t live with that, you are free to seek employment elsewhere.

    • The department I am applying to requires you to provide your own duty weapon. I am already over halfway through their hiring process, and that was one thing I was told, I would have to provide my own duty weapon.

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