Firearm Thoughts

So, finished up with Firearms yesterday and qualified.

I was intending to blog every day, but, as usual, time and other factors worked against me.

Overall, I enjoyed it. It was like a week-long KR Training session, just without the fun atmosphere that Karl and his instructors provide. Everything I learned at KR was applicable there, however, there was some nuances to it. Then again, every instructor is going to do things a little differently.

Mostly everything we covered was from 10 yards and in. We did do some shooting at 15 and 25 yards, but it was much compared to 10 yards and in. The only special thing we did past 10 yards was kneeling and prone shooting at 15 yards.

Truth be told, there were only a handful of things that we covered that I hadn’t learned at KR, like prone shooting and knife attacks. The body armor drills, malfunction clearing, reloads, etc I had already learned from KR. The cool thing too, was they had a pneumatic target turning system. When the targets turned, you would shoot, when they turned away, you stopped shooting.

One thing we did do, was time everyone’s draw time. You start on the 5 yard line, weapon holstered, all retention features on. When they buzzed the shot timer, you had to draw and fire one round. A round in the blue (kill zone) meant that draw time was counted. My fastest draw time was 1.33 seconds, with a level 4 Safariland Raptor holster and my Beretta 92F. I placed in the top quarter of the class. The fastest draw time was .96 seconds with a Blackhawk level 3 holster and a Glock 17.

I don’t remember the qualification course exactly, but it was a total of 60 rounds, and everything was timed.

This was the target we used:

Hits in the blue were ‘kill shots’ worth 5 points, hits anywhere in the white were ‘wound shots’ worth 3 points.

In the qual course, we had to do some offhand shooting, did a kneeling-slide lock reload-prone drill, and then the final one.

The final drill was this. You have one round in the chamber and an empty magazine in the gun. Your reload magazine has 11 rounds in it. You stand at the target line, targets turned away. When given the signal, you would sprint from the target line, touch the 25 yard line, sprint back and touch your target, then sprint back to the 25 yard line, then sprint to the 7 yard line. When everyone was on the line, the targets would turn, then you had 15 seconds to fire one round, slide lock reload, then the final 11 rounds.

Now, that doesn’t seem too bad right? Well, we were wearing our full duty rig (handcuffs, baton, etc) and soft body armor, like cops wear. You’d be amazed at how tiring that run can be when you’ve got all that crap on.

On Wednesday afternoon, we ran a pre-qualification. If you passed the pre-qualification, you didn’t have to come back on Thursday until 1:00 p.m. If you failed the pre-qual, you had to be there at 7:30 a.m. for extra training, until you could pre-qual’d. Well, just putting this out there, I failed the first pre-qual by 5 points. Minimum to pass was 210, I shot a 205. What happened was, I had a malfunction on the final drill. I had a magazine double feed. The 2 top rounds in the magazine nose-dived and got stuck, the primer ends sticking out of the top of the magazine. Out of the 12 rounds, I only fired 1. Because I didn’t fire the other 11 rounds, those counted as complete misses. I tried to clear it as best as I could, but there simply wasn’t enough time.

So, I reported first thing Thursday morning, went through an hour or so of extra training, then passed the pre-qual with a score of 239, shooting Speer Lawman 115grn TMJ.

I went through the last qualification Thursday afternoon. My final qualification score (the one that actually counts) was 268, shooting Winchester 124 grn 9mm NATO.

All the instructors were amazed that I managed to do so well with my ‘antiquated’ Beretta.

2 Responses to “Firearm Thoughts”

  1. Equipment matters, no question. But the guy operating the equipment matters more.

    And that target… anywhere in the blue is a kill shot? Even the gut shots? That’s generous.

  2. Well…

    They admitted it’s not a kill shot, hence why I put the ‘ ‘s around ‘kill shot’. The blue is either a true kill shot or a serious fight stopper.

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