Firearms week!

You guessed it, I start Firearms tomorrow at the Academy.

The problem I fear is that KR Training stuff I learn will kick in and I’ll get yelled at for not doing it ‘their way’. I’m going to try what Hsoi suggested, which is file away what I learned at KR Training and do what they want me to, whether I think it is right or not. Then, once this week is complete, look at what they taught me and what I learned at KR and mesh the 2 together with what I think is best, and practice that way. If something is grossly wrong (i.e. use the slide release when reloading), just tell myself: ‘Self, this is wrong, you know it’s wrong, and I’m doing this because they are making me do it.’

Oh, and the firearms instructors do weapon inspections every morning, and they expect your pistol to be ‘spick and span’.

So I guess KR’s philosophy of  ‘it’s a battle implement, you don’t have to spend an entire afternoon cleaning it’ is going out the window for this week.


One Response to “Firearms week!”

  1. Greetings from Falls County,
    I have always heard firearms instructors say they would prefer students who had never fired a weapon so they didn’t have to unteach bad habbits.

    Even with our ‘bad habbits’ another country boy and myself outshot everyone in our Commission Class durring my private security days. There is something to be said for several thousand rounds down range.

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