Trigger Reset Practice

A reader emailed me asking how I learned the DA/SA transition for my Beretta.

It actually wasn’t too hard, using this drill.

Check the chamber, make sure it is empty. Make sure your hammer is decocked and all the way forward. Aligning your sights, slowly press the trigger to the rear and hold it there. The hammer should cock then fall. Keeping the trigger pressed to the rear, rack the slide on your pistol. The hammer should stay back in single action. Still keeping the trigger pressed to the rear, align the sights again. This time, slowly ride the trigger forward until it resets, which it should reset to the shorter single action pull. Now pull the trigger again. The hammer should fall forward. If you want to keep ‘shooting’ in single action, rack the slide again keeping the trigger still pressed to the rear. If you want to ‘shoot’ in double action, keep the hammer in double action and let the trigger reset all the way forward.

Thats what I did to work on the DA/SA transition with my Beretta. 

This also worked on my Glock 23 which obviously doesn’t have a hammer. Just pull the trigger, rack the slide, and ride the trigger forward until it resets. After every pull, just keep racking the slide.

Hope this helps!


One Response to “Trigger Reset Practice”

  1. I have a longer write up on trigger reset as part of my 100 round practice drill page.

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