Conversation my grandmother and I just had:

GM: “Your mom and I are going garage salelin’. If we find anything for you, do you want us to get it?”

Me: “Sure, I like free stuff.”

GM: “What do you want?”

Me: “Guns and gun paraphernalia”

GM: “I doubt we will find any guns for sale. Anything else?”

Me: “Yea, some belted .308 ammo.”

GM: “Why can’t you just like clothes…”


2 Responses to “Conversation”

  1. LOL. I think my wife said the same thing last week. :)

  2. The scarie thing is one of my grandmothers used to pick up partial boxes of ammo for me. The conversation would go:

    Do you have a gun that will shoot this?

    I would answer either yes, or not yet.

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