Firearms breakdown

So, today in the Academy, Chief asked us what we would be using for Firearms.

Out of 25:

5 had no clue what they would use.

6 said Glock in one caliber or another.

7 said XD in one caliber or another.

4 said Sig Sauer in one caliber or another (one Cadet said Sig P229 in .357 Sig, another said Sig P220 Carry in .45 ACP, not sure on the other 2).

2 said Beretta (myself with my 92F, the other cadet has a 96FS).

1 said CZ75 (Odd, I know…).

We have quite a few CHL holders (8 I believe), however, they haven’t practiced in a long while, and the ones that do practice regularly, are buying/have bought a gun specific for the Academy, which is different from their carry gun.

Same goes for the guys with military experience. They all shot fairly well with the Beretta, but none of them are using a Beretta.

None of the Cadets (except for me) has done any kind of formal training to prepare for Firearms. Most have only put 100 rounds or less through their handguns to test for functionality, and don’t plan on shooting anymore until Firearms. There is one that put 200 rounds through his pistol, however, it was a one shot deal for familiarization only.

Then the Chief got to me…

I put 100 rounds through my Beretta at the beginning of June when I bought it, I took DPS1 with it (shot 143 rounds), I put another 107 rounds through it in the beginning of July, and I put ~160 rounds though it last weekend. I plan on putting another 100 rounds or so through it this Saturday, and I am taking DPS2 with it, which will be another 200.

So, by the time Firearms rolls around, I will have put around 800 rounds through my Beretta and taken 2 formal classes, not to mention all the dry fire practice I do at home.

Needless to say, I’ll be more than ready come time for Firearms. I should be able to snag the Top Gun award for my class, but I’m holding reservation until I put lead in the paper.


2 Responses to “Firearms breakdown”

  1. But But But — Law Enforcement Officers have all that TRAINING!!!!

    I’ve put more then 500 rounds through my Taurus alone in the last year.

    I’ve burnt through 2.5 bricks (550 rounds) of .22, I’ve ran over 150 rounds of rounds of .380 in the last year, and I think close to 150 rounds of .38.

    And I haven’t taken any formal training — yet.

    Not knocking the cadets or law enforcement in general, just the perception that LEO training is equivalent to military special forces .

    Of course, I know some true life Special Forces types and know the level of training they do. I’m not claiming that level of training but I’m sure I put more rounds down range per year then the average LEO.

  2. Wow. That’s some sobering (scary?) statistics.

    Please don’t take this personally, but I’ve often said that just because your job requires you to carry a gun doesn’t mean you know how to use it. People have the perception that because police carry guns they know how to use ’em. Evidence they don’t. I’m not saying that’s how it should be — they should be highly trained and practiced and skilled — but what is and what should be don’t always converge.

    And the flip side is also true. Just because you’re a private citizen that isn’t required to carry a gun… doesn’t mean you don’t know how to use ’em and use ’em well.

    Anyways…. you just keep on keepin’ on the way you are.

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