Brief Statistics

There were 508 Police Officers killed with firearms in about a 6 year period.

Here are the distances, and officers killed at that distance:

0-5 feet – 254

6-10 feet – 95

11-20 feet – 57

21-50 feet – 40

Greater than 50 feet – 38

Not reported – 24

Of those killed, from 0 – 20 feet, makes up 74% of the 508.

Of those killed, from 0  – 5 feet, makes up 50% of the 508.

So, figure 7 yards or less is where the majority of LE shootings happen.

I’m willing to bet that distance number is similar, if not the same, for CHL shootings.


One Response to “Brief Statistics”

  1. John Day Says:

    Good stuff/info, I’m a TXCHL Instructor and tell all my students most gun fights last 3 seconds or less and happen at arms length.
    Better to be judge by 12 than carried by 6.
    You want to be the one bangin’ in the nails or the one hang’n on the cross?

    OR, the legal fees to stay out of jail are unGodly and our legal system is all about the money, not Justice.


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