Note: This is based on a real life incident, that actually happened. With that in mind, please don’t go Googling to try to find out what happened. I will eventually say what happened, but I’d like to see what everyone says first.

Also, this is all the information you get, so make your decision as quickly as possible and post what your decision is in the comments. There is no wrong or right answer, so don’t be shy about what you would do (or wouldn’t do).

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine yourself in this scenario…

You’re a Sheriff’s Deputy, on patrol in a rural county. It’s a little after midnight.

You get dispatched to an assault in progress in a secluded area. The caller said her ex-fiance broke into the house, and is armed with a gun and a knife. She said her fiance was shot in the neck. She cries and says to hurry, when the call is disconnected.

You call for back up in route to the scene. Another Deputy and a City officer from a local municipality arrive on the scene to assist.

As you and the Deputy pull up in the front of the house, you notice a white panel van covered in smeared blood on one side. You see a trail of blood between the side of van and the front door of the house. You can’t tell if the blood is going from the house to the van, or the van to the house.

The Officer goes around the house and parks in the rear. The Officer covers the back door, while you and the Deputy go up to the front door.

The Deputy takes the lead, while you cover him from behind. He pounds on the door, shouting “Police!” You hear screaming from inside. A man shouts, “You’ll have to break it down!”

The Deputy tries to open the door, but it’s locked. You both draw your duty pistols. He takes a step back, and kicks it down. For the split second you can see, you see a pregnant woman on the floor bleeding and a male holding a knife and a gun, covered in blood. You see another shadow in the far back of the room, but are unable to determine what it is.

The man inside shoots his gun, and the Deputy in front of you falls backwards. You run off of the porch, and seek cover around the corner of the house. You hear a female scream inside, “He’s going to get more ammo!”

You hear foot steps on the porch, and see a man running towards you.

What would you do?

Remember, this Deputy had a split second to make his decision, so try to keep from thinking about your decision too much.

15 Responses to “Scenario”

  1. Probably end up gutted trying to identify the man running at me, while hopefully processing what was meant by he’s going to get more ammo. Providing, of course, I didn’t just freeze in place while my brain screamed to do something…

  2. Well, first my duty weapon would be out as soon as I exit my vehicle, or my shotgun. Don’t think I would bail off the porch. If I’m not frozen I would hope to identify the shooter and return fire.
    As for the person charging me, IF I am functioning I would challenge if I thought I had time to do so without getting killed. If they don’t stop, or were too close when I saw them, I fire as many times as I need to while shouting who I am.
    Then again there may be screaming like a little girl. Right now I’m in my living room, not facing someone who may have a gun or knife. The description is vauge enough I can imagine all manner of nightmare possiblitys.
    Before anyone blast me for grabbing the shotgun,with the ranges we are talking about chances are there would not be enough pattern spread to endanger bystanders.

  3. Then again, to late for my first post, as it would be that night, it occurs to me the person running toward me may be the lead Deputy. Like I said, nightmare.

    • It can’t be the other Deputy as he is lying on the front porch, possibly shot. You know he went down and hasn’t gotten up.

  4. Has the guy made eye contact with me? How good is my cover? Am I on the side of the house and the guy is running that way because he sees me? How close am I to him? 5 feet? 5 yards? Need more details.

    I’m probably gun out, indexed on the guy, trying to see what his hands are doing. Is he running away from the house with a gun in his hand? is he bringing the gun into a shooting position?

    So far from what you’ve written I don’t have the “I am about to die in the next few seconds” feeling yet.

    • You can’t see him, just a shadowy outline. No cover, since he is running directly at you. This male is 15 yards away from you and running towards you.

      You can’t see his hands.

  5. So he is running at me (presuming head on, meaning out of the house), has a gun, but I can’t see his hands and he is currently at 15 yards. Next move is to hunt some cover while identifying myself and (loudly) requesting he identify himself. In this case, presuming steady, off the trigger fingers… wouldn’t hurt to have him “covered” either…. lot of stuff going on…

    If presumption incorrect and he is heading at me from the side on the porch (thinking wrap-around porch here) and I can still see the objects of my focus (namely the unidentified lump, the “bad guy” and the injured pregnant woman) inside. Then next presumption is that the person approaching from the side is the other attending officer. Time to barge in on the information that the “bad guy” is getting more ammo and make myself useful…

    Jesus… lookit me popping off like I have a clue what I would really do.

  6. Your first presumption is correct.

    The Officer is still at the rear of the house, the other Deputy is still laying on the front porch.

    Just remember, there is no wrong answer.

  7. a’right,

    So, he is running directly at me, from within the house and is now at 45 feet, with a firearm and I cannot see his hands… the Deputy is still motionless and the Officer is still around back of the house. I have seen an unidentified lump in the back scene and the knife and firearm-wielding “bad guy” clutching the injured pregnant lady and watched the Deputy crumple after hearing a shot. I have heard that the current fiance has been stabbed in the neck, “blood” all over the side of a van out front and that some “he” is going for more ammo.

    Cover the running man with firearm, move off his line of travel all while working to identify him and myself. If he changes his direction of travel (or brings a weapon on line) to once again impact me, shoot.

  8. He will change his direction of travel, so “POW! POW!” You shoot him twice in the chest. He falls down, and doesn’t get back up.

    Anyone else?

  9. Reference the most recent drivel…

    That just seems to be a bit simple… not in a good way. It took me forever to write the word shoot, but I think this is the point we are at. The magical 21 feet is going to be breached soon.

  10. Interestingly enough, it was a quick decision for the Deputy (whose role everyone is playing), whether to shoot or not shoot.

  11. Yet another good reason (and there have been many) for me to have chosen engineering after leaving active duty.

    And, I would imagine that it would have to be a quick decision in order to be able to make the decision and not have it made for you.

  12. Well, I have already shot the dude, with a shotgun if I have access to one. So now I’m standing by to learn what I did in the dark.

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