More useless facts, again…

I finished up week 10 of the Academy, fixing to start week 11. The Academy is 25 weeks long, so I am nearing the halfway point!

On to the uselessness…

An officer could cite and release someone for murder. Seriously. You could kill someone, and the officer has the option of either arresting you or just giving you a citation. No where in the books does it say you have to be arrest.

A child under the age of 9 can’t be arrest or charged. Parents can be though…

If I pulled a 23 year old over, and they had a juvenile arrest warrant (known as a directive to apprehend), I shall arrest them and take them to juvenile hall. But they are an adult right? Correct, however, it is a juvenile warrant, so it will go through the juvenile courts. The only catch is, they will serve their time with the adults, in TDC or County jail.

If I arrested a juvenile and took them to juvenile hall, if the juvenile hall is at capacity, they have to tell me no, they can’t take them. Yes, any offense. I could pick up a juvie for murder, and if the hall is full, I’d take him to the hall for holding and call his parents.


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