They aren’t…

I found several old CDs I had burned from my high school days (wayyyy back in 2003-2004 :-P), and found this song on one of them:

The song is The Kids Aren’t Alright, by The Offspring. I listened to it once, then went back and listened to it again. For some reason, thinking of my fellow classmates, it kinda struck a chord with me.

They sing about a street, but for us, it wasn’t a street, it was the high school.

I graduated with roughly 75 other people. Half of them have fallen off of the face of the earth, at least, I don’t know what they are up to. This is about the other half.

Even then, this is about half of the half that is left. Now, you may be quick to say these were in the bottom half of the class, but sadly, it would be false. Most of the ones I have kept up with graduated somewhere in the top 30% of my class.

Half of the half are doing what would be considered well, graduating from college, in the military, etc.

This about the other half of the half that would be considered not doing well, or well, you’ll see.

Our valedictorian is in college, starting her 4th semester, having just got off of Academic Suspension for the 2nd time. Our salutatorian is in New York City, married with 3 kids, working in a mid-range art gallery as a secretary. The guy who graduated 5th was in the Marine Corps, as he accidentally blew his foot off during a range practice session in 2008, and the last I heard, was addicted to viocodin. The guy who graduated 12th is in the penetitionary for big time drug possession, and last I heard, he’ll get out in about 15 years. Several guys who graduated in the 20ths are working the oil field, dealing drugs on the side. One of my classmates is a bonafide pimp with a stable of 4 prostitutes working out of East Austin. A guy who graduated somewhere in the bottom half of the Top 10 failed out of college, couldn’t join the Navy, Marines, or Army (kept failing the drug test), and is now living in an apartment in Bryan Texas with 3 other dudes smoking pot all day. I’d say most of the ones in this half of the half are doing some kind of illegal drug.

Then again, talking with some of my former teachers, that is what my class was known for, “the pot head class”.

And oddly enough, out my entire class (as far as I know), I’m the only one going into law enforcement. If anything, it should make for an interesting high school reunion…


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